About Tricia Bruzina

     Professionally, I look to refine and perfect my skills in my craft everyday. You can never have enough education in this profession. The trends and styles are changing constantly around us, and its imperative to stay ahead of them. Currently, I am working with Goldwell Color which creates perfect hues to enhance your hair color or change it completely. Using a great hair color line and custom formulation for your needs, I feel are the best tools to have in color trends.  Smoothing systems are a wonderful way to maintain the health of our hair,  I am a certified specialist with Keratin Complex. This incredible system has ways to create perfect shine, tame frizz, and bring life back to your hair. For hair enhancements, being a partner with Hairdreams Hair Extensions is a perfect match for me. They believe the integrity of your hair is the first concern and the extensions will maintain the integrity while adding fullness and length. Hairdreams is also custom designed for each individual.  The art in hair is my passion. I look forward to every client, photo shoot, runway, wedding, or life change I am fortunate enough to be involved with.
     Personally, I grew up all over the United States, going on location with my father. He retired as a Costume Supervisor in the Motion Picture Industry. I always wanted to follow in my fathers foot steps . The Motion Picture/Fashion Industry has always fascinated me. Also my mother, and both grandmother's were cosmetologist, and that sparked my intrest in hair. When my first child was born, I knew I needed more stability for him. So I chose Hair Design, after two other careers. I know now that I am exactly where I need to be in my career. I am able to put all of my artistic abilities towards my hair designs. I continue to stay on top of the Beauty Industry with vendors, industry shows, continuing education, and iconic industry legends.
     When I have my hands into hair, my brain starts ticking on just exactly what I can create with it. To imagine the movement, the hues, the length, and the angles. It's like a picture of a sunset or sunrise, so much to take in but so beautiful when you see it and experiance it in real life. When a client is estatic about the finished result, it gives me butterflies over their happiness. 
     We moved to Florida in 2014,  for a good education for my oldest child, who is visually impared and autistic. This is how I can see and feel the world in a whole diffrent light then most. My youngest child is a beautiful young lady starting High School and is very active in Volleyball. I am married to Thom Bruzina, he is my everything. We have 4 pets: two dogs Pepper and Beans, two cats Boo and Grover. As a family we love to take the Jeep out and see the beautiful beaches and sites Florida has to offer. Concerts are our favorite to do as well, we try to get to as many as we can. We keep a good core of friends, that we feel are family too. The stories I can tell about all our favorites are endless!

Contact information:
Salon Number 520-825-0665
instagram; @tricias_hair_styles