Have you heard of those crazy wrap things? Well its true, they are like magic!

I personally tried them to prepare my body for a cruise we were going on. I was so surprised by my result after my first wrap that I was hooked. I started using them in the end November of 2014. I've lost 65 lbs and 5 inches off my waist now. I am so excited to be fitting in my cute clothes again! So December I signed on with the company as an Independent Distributor.

Since becoming a distributor I have been trying more products from ITWorks Global. I absolutely love the Ultimate ThermoFit  which is a thermogenic weight loss formula. This one speeds up my metabolism and helps me loose my difficult weight. I also love the Fat Fighters, these let me cheat. You know, like my favorite garlic rolls, YUM! I cant live with out those delicious carbs! You can take the Fat Fighters up to 60 min after a meal that is not so healthy, which is awesome!  I also cut all my long hair off in January, very short. Which was a bad idea, although I love my cut, I miss my long hair. SO ITWorks has Hair Skin Nails, a nourishing complex. My hair is growing back faster and thicker than ever! My eye lashes are so long, my nails are stronger and my skin hasn't been breaking out at all.

There you have it, all my favorites. I will help you every step of the way when you are ready to tackle your health and wellness goals. For more information, and pricing on all the ITWorks click on the link below. Feel free to message me, call, or text me any of your questions!

Tricia Bruzina, Owner andWrap Specialist